Use these deeper insights into the hobbies of your customers to create smarter specific features, to run much more successful acquisition campaigns and more.

Demographic EstimationsWhether an individual must figure out the best type of customers in order to acquire, as well as describe your audience to always be able to agencies and also brands, we automatically estimate get older along with gender demographics of one’s audience.
App Engagement BenchmarksSee how the app utilization performance compares to your class and also the market.We expose averages that enable you to benchmark how frequently and how long shoppers make use of application, also as how well your app retains the audience over time.

The enormous amount of data Flurry handles immediately translates in to unique, powerful insights regarding you.The service requires within over 3.5 billion app session reviews each day totaling greater than three terabytes, as well as our storage will be in the petabytes.Here are any handful of examples of how we use big data to create advantages pertaining to you:
. App category and also Consumer InterestsWe reveal your app audience’s affinity along with other app categories and also segment your current audience by simply interests for example parenting or even purchasing together with Flurry Personas


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